7 Ways to Look at the Values of Variables While Debugging in Visual Studio

by bill-s, 2016-07-23T07:13:11.000Z

When you are running your code and something is behaving unexpectedly, how do you find out what is going wrong? When I was in school the first way I learned how to debug a wonky application was by sticking “print()” statements all over the place, running my code, and looking back through the log of output seeing if I noticed that something looked wrong. Then if I wanted to look at the value of another variable I would have to add a new “print()” statement, recompile, and re-run the application again. This can be a tedious process, so I am pleased to tell you there is a better way than littering your code with a slew of “print()” statements you’ll have to remove later. You can use the tools of the Visual Studio debugger to inspect variables on the fly.

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