A* Search PathFinding Algorithm In C#

by bill-s, 2020-07-28T17:50:16.000Z

If you’ve ever taken part in an AI challenge or contest over the years, you’ve probably had to work out a path finding algorithm along the way. I remember many moons ago, as part of the Google AI Challenge (ended a few years ago which is a real shame), I actually swapped my solution to use Java just so I could use an A* search algorithm that I found on the internet. C# can be a bit weird in that for business applications, you can find a million examples on how to talk to Sharepoint, but when it comes to AI, Machine Learning, or even just data structures and algorithms in general, it can be a bit bare. So I thought I would quickly whip up a post on a dead simple implementation of the A* path finding algorithm in C#.

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