CSS is hard, Blazor and Tailwind CSS makes it easier

by bill-s, 2020-04-24T20:22:42.614Z

I really enjoy full stack web development. Nothing quite beats that feeling of taking a feature all the way from concept to working software, from airy fairy idea to something you can actually interact with in the browser. But, for all the good days when I enjoy building software, there are the bad days… You know these days. These are the days when you seriously question your life choices, when it feels like you spent the entire day pushing pixels around only to fail, spectacularly, to get anything that vaguely resembles the design brief up and running on the screen. For me, these are my CSS days. I hate working with CSS. OK, maybe “hate” is putting it a bit strong, but it’s crazy frustrating when I know I can build entire features, make them perform miracles technically, and work exactly as they’re supposed to, but the end result looks like something my five year old put together.

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