Microservice Communication with RabbitMQ & MassTransit in ASP. NET Core

by iammukeshm, 2020-08-21T17:49:08.004Z

Here is a detailed article on how to send / receive data between various Microservices. We will be using RabbitMQ and Masstransit (a dotNet Abstraction for Messge-Brokers like RabbitMQ). This is a very beginner friendly article. Here are the topics covered - 1. What is RabbitMQ? Advantages? 2. Setting up the Environment - Installing RabbitMQ Server and Enabling the Dashboard 3. Setting up the the Publisher Microservice 4. Setting up the the Consumer Microservice 5. Testing the Microservice 5.1 Scenario #1 – When the Consumer is Online 5.2 Scenario #2 – Consumer is Offline. Back Online after N Minutes

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