(Not so) Stupid Question 320: How much time do you spend each week to stay current with .NET & Microsoft technologies?

by bill-s, 2019-01-29T04:31:23.292Z

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of delivering two lectures at a local school for 50 students (approx.). Loke (7 weeks) joined me for the two talks, and although my back was aching from carrying him for four hours straight, I was very thankful he slept through most of it. He usually isn’t a very good sleeper, and is a fussy baby that refuses to be alone (and that’s okay!). One of the two talks was about staying current with .NET, and I got several really good questions during/after the talk (thank you!!). One of them was: How much time do you spend each week, staying current with .NET. I’m more than happy to answer that question, and I want people to know that what I’m doing is not a recommendation or a blueprint, its just an example of how one person does it- and I’m VERY engaged in the community so I do spend more time than most people would consider ‘normal’. Here is my reply, and how I fit this in my life as a first-time mum to a 7-week-old baby, working part time. I’m currently working 25%, 40% from next week as the dad, Emanuel, wants to stay at home part-time so he won’t miss our so much. I work from the office on Wednesdays, the rest from home.

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