Promoting F# in a C# team

by Kavignon, 2020-02-19T14:34:56.806Z

Functional programming is the new hotness right now, but regardless of the hype, most modern programming languages are introducing FP-friendly features that make a big difference to software quality: Delegates LINQ Read-only properties Pattern matching Readonly value types Tuples As we’re adding features and applying good software engineering practices, we’re actively working to make sure that the code we’re trying to implement is correct. An OO first language like C# provides support for this thanks through features such as static typing, scoping and access modifiers. If you make a mistake, the compiler will warn you. Although those features are great, there’s more that can help the developers to reason with their code and make sure that the code that was either added or maintained will behave as expected and have little to no ripple effects in the system(s).

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