Streamlining your image building process with Azure Image Builder

by bill-s, 2020-06-05T00:01:48.316Z

Customizing virtual machine (VM) images to meet security and compliance requirements and achieve faster deployment is a strong need for many enterprises, but most don't enjoy the process and energy needed for determining the right tooling, building the right pipeline, and maintaining it continuously. We built Azure Image Builder service to make building customized images easy in Azure. Azure Image Builder service offers unification and simplification for your image building process across Azure and Azure Stack with an automated image building pipeline. Whether you want to build Windows or Linux virtual machine images, you can use existing image security configurations to build compliant images for your organization and patch existing custom images using Linux commands or Windows Update. Azure Image Builder supports images from multiple Linux distributions, Azure Marketplace, and Windows Virtual Desktop environments and you can build images for specialized VM sizes, including creating images for GPU VMs.

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