WinAppDriver and Desktop UI Test Automation

by bill-s, 2020-02-10T04:26:48.581Z

This article is a follow up on a previous post titled "UI Automation - Page Object Model and other Design Patterns" and is part of a series of posts related to UI Test automation, if you are interested in UI automation tools in general, we definitely recommend checking out our earlier post: "What are the best UI Test Automation Tools?" which was published on this same blog not so long ago. You may want to have a look at those two articles since it provides a high level view of what tools are available in the market for Functional UI Test automation, either for Web, Mobile or Desktop and then a deeper analysis of code design approaches. In this article I will describe broadly the technical highlights of how Desktop UI automation is done and I will describe the main features of a relatively new test framework that is becoming a must-use for UI automation for Windows-based applications.

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