Working with MongoDB in ASP.NET Core – Ultimate Guide

by iammukeshm, 2020-09-07T15:15:43.288Z

In this article, we will learn about working with MongoDB in ASP.NET Core. We will be building a WebAPI Project that can manage customer data. Along the way we will cover various concepts including Introduction to NoSQL Database, What is MongoDB, Installing MongoDB Locally and on the Cloud, Integrating with ASP.NET Core and much more. In general, you will be getting a complete working knowledge with MongoDB and probably set enough to start implementing MongoDB in your next ASP.NET Core Project. Here are the topics covered. 1. What are NOSQL Databases? 2. How NOSQL differs from SQL Databases? 3. When to use NOSQL Databases? 4. What is MongoDB? 4.1 Installing MongoDB Server Locally 4.2 Setting up MongoDB Cloud Atlas 5. Setting up the ASP.NET Core 3.1 WebAPI Project - Customer CRUD 6. Testing with POSTMAN

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