Zero to Hero with App Service, Part 4: Migrate Applications to Azure App Service

by bill-s, 2020-07-22T19:16:37.854Z

In this installment of Zero to Hero with App Service, learn how to migrate your existing applications to App Service. If you followed parts one, two, and three then you already have an application on App Service, and you can continue to the next article. Overview There are multiple ways to migrate a web application to Azure App Service: Redeploy code using CI/CD Pipelines, Web Deploy, or the REST APIs Containerize your web application and deploy from a container registry Use App Service Migration Assessment Tool to migrate your ASP.NET, PHP web applications and Linux containers App Service Migration Assessment Tool assesses whether your web site can be moved to Azure App Service. If your web site is public, you can simply provide your URL on this website to run the assessment. You can also download and run the assistant if your web site is hosted in a private environment. Post assessment App service Migration Assessment tool allows quick and easy migration of ASP.Net & PHP web applications running on IIS, and containerized web applications running on Linux operating systems to Azure App Service.

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